TV Romances: ‘Outlander,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Agents of SHIELD’ contain top romantic moments

Romantic -We’re here today to discuss what is for us the final edition of our TV Romances series, which has been a rather nice way to ring in the Valentine’s Day holiday by talking about many fun relationship-oriented storylines on some of our favorite shows.

If you head over here, you can see what we have to say about specific TV couples and hopeful couples; here, we’re going to discuss some of what we think are some of the most romantic moments of the past year; what we love about these is that all of them are romantic in very different ways, and are not necessarily just characters kissing or sleeping together. There’s variety, and that’s indicative of the many different ways in life to show someone that they are loved.

At the bottom of this article, be sure to vote for which romantic moment was your favorite! We’ll reveal some of your favorites come Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

Amy learns about Sheldon’s engagement ring, “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) – This was really sweet, given that this episode showed Amy just how much Sheldon really cared about her, even if he doesn’t often say it. Also, he stood up to his Meemaw for her!

Claire fights to free Jamie, “Outlander” (Starz) – There are so many great “Outlander” moments you could go to, but to us the final two episodes of season 1, where Claire desperately seeks out a way to free Jamie from Black Jack Randall, make it beautifully clear what she will do for the one she loves.

Deeks and Kensi move in together, “NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS) – It’s a wonderful step for these two to be willing to take that next step, especially when you consider just how long it took for them to finally become an item in the first place. They were the biggest will-they-or-won’t-they couple out of anyone on this list for quite some time.

Fitz fights for Simmons … and Will, “Agents of SHIELD” (ABC) – There are some out there that will say that Fitz and Simmons’ big kiss was their most romantic moment, but for us it is was his decision to try and save Will from Maveth that sealed the deal. He was so unselfish that he left his feelings at the side and wanted to just help a woman that he loved, even if it meant bringing in possible romantic competition.

Happy and Toby become an item, “Scorpion” (CBS) – It took a little while, but there’s something so fun about seeing little moments like Happy at his place wearing his bathrobe. They’re both so quirky and unique, and it’s beautiful to see that they have found a kindred spirit.

Lindsay and Halstead go public, “Chicago PD” (CBS) – They finally made it official! What made this such a big deal is how they overcame not only their own complicated pasts, but also fear of being judged by their colleagues in making this happy.

Mary loves Henry Tablot, “Downton Abbey” (PBS) – It took a long time for Michelle Dockery’s character to move on from Matthew, but that made the payoff even sweeter when she finally found the right person.

Oliver and Felicity sleep together, “Arrow” (The CW) – This is the one example on this list of something purely physical that just needed to happen, and finally did right in the midst of a super-painful, depressing time at the League of Assassins. Oliver finally stopped caring about Felicity being a target.

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