‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 4 review: Wentworth Miller, Victor Garber lead way in strongest episode yet

Cold -Through the first three episodes of season 1, DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” was ultimately the sort of show that we wanted to love more than we actually did. There are just so many team members that at times, putting them all into action can seem muddled, especially when it is all just one elaborate action sequence and you’re seeing everyone running around in complete chaos.

Tonight, the show started to become more of what we always expected it to be, and that is a fun, fast-paced thrill ride with funny moments, but also some tender ones as we get closer and closer to figuring out precisely who these people are. For one, Leonard Snart is amazing. The past two episodes have been great showcases into the heart of who this character is, and Wentworth Miller has found a way to make him likable, even if he does have an evil side that is all about taking things and taking out people who stand in his way. At least we understand now more of his code, how he wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind, and also just how he excels at manipulating.

This episode brought us our first appearance of Valentina Vostok, a woman responsible for helping to build Vandal Savage a weapon that in many ways could be his own version of Firestorm. He was able to seduce her in a way that Ray Palmer could not, but it didn’t quite matter in the end as the two of them, coupled with eventually Rory and Martin Stein, found themselves all trapped and cornered. Dr. Stein was able to contain the power for at least a short period of time, and the mission to stop Savage here proved itself to be both a success and also a failure.

Before Dr. Stein’s capture, we also saw him have a tense back-and-forth with Jax that may cause him to be evolved in some way as a person. Stein, during Victor Garber’s finest monologue on the show to date, made it clear that he is hard on the young man because of the sense of responsibility that he feels over him coming on the trip in the first place. That’s made it hard for him to have any particular belief in his abilities, even if we’ve seen some proof now that he is more than capable of taking on any threat that comes in his way.

The one other great takeaway from this episode is the new-found Sara Lance / Kendra Saunders friendship, which we totally dig since it allows both of them a chance to have someone look after them and help conquer some of their demons.

Overall, there was a lot to love in this episode, whether it be great performances, character dynamics, and a little bit of control that kept there from being too many Legends in one place. Grade: A-.

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