TV Romances: Should ‘The 100’s’ Clarke & Lexa, ‘Scorpion’s’ Walter & Paige, ‘Longmire’s’ Walt & Vic get together?

Prospective -We’re back with our second edition of our TV Romances series at CarterMatt, and today, the subject that we are talking about more so than any other are Prospective Couples. These are people who we want to see together, but for one reason or another, it hasn’t happened yet. Some of them are people who have at least kissed before, whereas others just have flirtations and feelings. The only common ground they all share is that none of them are together at present, but there’s at least some evidence on each show that there is hope for them.

We’ve got for you below our eight favorite romances of this variety on TV right now. If you want to share your own favorite, you can do so in the poll at the bottom of this article! We’ll post some of the viewer favorites at some point on Valentine’s Day.

Barry and Iris, “The Flash” (The CW) – Given what we already knew about destiny and all of that, this is a matter of when more so than if. 

Clarke and Lexa, “The 100” (The CW) – One of Twitter’s favorite couples at the moment, even if they’re not together and, as a matter of fact, aren’t exactly thrilled with the other person’s recent behavior. Yet, there’s still a chance that could change since we know the attraction is there.

Emily and Alison, “Pretty Little Liars” (Freeform) – They’ve overcome so much already, so who’s not to say that they could end up being endgame for each other by the time we get to the series finale?

Foggy and Karen, “Daredevil” (Netflix) – They’ve gone out on a date or two, so could there be at least potential here? Maybe this isn’t likely to come to fruition, but we found ourselves rooting for them more in season 1 than we thought that we would.

Kara and Winn, “Supergirl” (CBS) – The great thing for Kara is that she doesn’t really have a shortage of options. The problem for Winn is that, at least for now, she doesn’t feel the same way towards him as he does for her.

Sasha and Abraham, “The Walking Dead” (AMC) – We don’t know the true extent of Sasha’s feelings towards Abraham just yet, but they have this deep common ground that’s worth exploring and could eventually take them into something more.

Walt and Vic, “Longmire” (Netflix) – Vic’s shown to have at least some feelings for Walt, but either does not currently feel the same, or is afraid to recognize them for some reason. Will this change if things go south for him and Dr. Monahan?

Walter and Paige, “Scorpion” (CBS) – They’ve already shown that there is an attraction here, and in all honesty we don’t have that much of a clue as to what a relationship hasn’t happened between the two just yet.

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