‘Ink Master’ season 7, episode 2 preview: Alex Rockoff takes on St. Marq and who will return next?

Ink Master Alex Rockoff Now that we have made it through the premiere of “Ink Master” season 7 we have an idea of what to expect from this cast of veterans and newbies. The new cast has some very strong artists in the group and we have learned all about the new twist this season where after someone is eliminated, a veteran will come into the competition. It is quite the unfair advantage for the people coming into the competition later in the game since they will be missing a chunk of time where they don’t have to compete, but they already had the advantage of having played the game once before and know what to expect. We are still on the fence about whether or not this twist is really going to be great or not, but we are willing to give it a chance – it is “Ink Master” after all and we can’t help but love this show.

St. Marq is back in the competition and he doesn’t want to end up in the bottom again like he did tonight on the premiere, so it looks like he’s going to be pushing harder then ever before to make sure that the veterans stay and the newbies go home.  The preview for next week’s new episode has St. Marq rubbing everyone the wrong way (in that special way that only St. Marq can), and it looks like he’s going to make quick enemies with Alex Rockoff.

We will also be seeing another veteran return next week and although they didn’t show his face it looks an awful lot like Cleen Rock One. We couldn’t be more excited to see Cleen back in this competition and up against St. Marq this early on since they are both such strong forces. With the veterans getting the advantage to pick the elimination challenge style we know that Cleen is going to pick something solid that the new comers are really going to have to work for.

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