‘The Bachelor’ review: Leah Block tries to … block Lauren Bushnell, Ben Higgins

Leah -On Monday night’s new episode of “The Bachelor,” what we effectively saw could have been described at one point as a crossover between this and a one-time favorite of ours on ABC: “The Mole.” The idea here is that one of the contestants was out to sabotage the others, and the other players had to figure out just who that was.

For at least a few minutes in this episode, Leah Block was clearly the Mole of this season, and we have no clue what she was going on about! Her hatred of Lauren Bushnell came out of NOWHERE. We saw no real evidence to back up that she was “different” in the house versus with Ben Higgins; while it’s possible it’s true, the edit told us this was more of someone trying to just knock down a favorite from her pedestal. She went out of her way after a group date to tell Ben that Lauren was trouble, which is ridiculous since she really should’ve just went over there to spend some actual time with the guy.

Think about it, Leah: You’ve had no one-on-one dates. You could at least try to be romantic here instead. Suffice it to say, Ben wasn’t down for her impromptu warnings and sent her right on home after she became Gossip Queen after the pig-swimming group date (we cannot make that up).

Did you notice how we barely even brought up Caila Quinn and her one-on-one date? Yea, that was intentional. It was mostly dull and just plain weird, especially when it started to feel like Caila was trying to make this into her audition tape for “The Bachelorette.”

Now, let’s get to the moment everyone was waiting for: Olivia Caridi being left on the beach in a little bit of nowhere during a two-on-one date, effectively setting the stage for the seventh season of “Lost.” This was a miserable two-on-one when it comes to the weather, and it was also rather anticlimactic. It felt like Ben kept Olivia around because the producers wanted him to, and then felt bad that she actually said she loved him.


At the rose ceremony we lost Lauren H., meaning that THERE IS ONLY ONE LAUREN LEFT. Finally. Let’s move on now to Ben’s hometown a.k.a. the place that he doesn’t live anymore. Grade. C+.

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