‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 3 review: Did Rip Hunter kill Vandal Savage?

LegendsWe’re now three episodes into “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” and so far, the show is firing on many cylinders. It’s intense, action-packed, and has plenty of humor.

So what is keeping up from being up to par with “Arrow” and “The Flash” so far? It’s a little difficult to describe in basic terms, so let’s put it in musical terms: It’s like becoming a fan of a singer versus a choir. With a singer, there is not nearly as much to keep track of. You know their name, their story, where they stand, and a variety of other topics. It’s a much easier narrative to follow along then learning the names of a ton of people in a choir. It takes a lot of time, and you’ve got to find ways to focus on everyone.

As a result of this, things are still a little bit messy, and the show’s not always the easiest to follow. Tonight, we did at least get a chance to see Rip Hunter temporarily defeat Vandal Savage by slicing his throat … with the operating word here being “temporarily.” We still do not precisely now for sure what is going to happen here in the future, but Savage almost surely will rise once more. Now, he also knows the names of Rip’s entire family, which makes killing them in the future all the easier.

As awesome and action-packed as the sequences were watching Rip and Sara going after Vandal, our favorite moment of the episode may have actually been seeing Captain Cold speak with his father in the past, hoping to ensure that he could give himself a better life as a result of keeping his father from going to prison. Unfortunately from him, what he learned is that it doesn’t quite matter what he tries to do with his dad. He would still get arrested, and Leonard Snart is not a different man at all. It’s somewhat tragic, but these are the personal stories on this show we’d love to see much more of. Grade: B-.

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