‘Galavant’ season 2 finale review: Richard has a ‘dragon’ … but does he have a happy ending?

In the world of “Galavant,” there are happy endings. There are also musical numbers and in-jokes about the show not being able to afford Hugh Bonneville for more than just a cameo in the premiere.

The series on ABC aired the season 2 finale on Sunday night, and we don’t know how you could’ve been happier with how it all unfolded provided that it serves as a series finale. Tad Cooper finally became a dragon in the closing minutes, King Richard is now actually a king once more, and he even has Roberta back at his side! Meanwhile Galavant and Isabella were married, and Sid is now off with Gareth on an adventure to save Madalena from “herself.” There were funny moments aplenty throughout from, some epic battles to the glorious return of Weird Al Jankovic for another musical number.

What we perhaps love most about the show is that they’re now in on the fact that they are a hilarious but low-rated comedy that knows it was lucky to get a season 2 renewal in the first place. They wrote the finale knowing that there is a good chance that there will not be more, but they gave you at least something to look forward to if there is: Madalena is now off looking to see if she can expand her power and destroy all of the kingdoms once and for all.

For now, let’s close off our review of the finale with some of the best individual moments:

1. More evidence that production apparently only had Chef and Gwynne back for a day or so after the actors were busy elsewhere.

2. Richard proclaiming to Wormwood “I have a dragon” as his secret weapon, only for Wormwood to seemingly kill it. (He was okay!)

3. Gareth looking completely disinterested at Galavant’s wedding.

4. The fact that the young Gareth in Richard’s flash-forward looked almost identical to Vinnie Jones.

If this is the end, we’ll miss “Galavant,” its music, and its amazing performances (especially by Timothy Omundson, who stole almost every scene). If it’s not, then we have more greatness to look forward to. Fingers crossed. Grade: A.

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