‘Galavant’ season 2, episode 9 review: It all comes together

Tonight, “Galavant” is airing the final two episodes of season 2 / potentially the series, and in kicking us off, we had “Battle of the Three Armies.” This episode started with a tremendous recap song via Jester, and eventually ended with an epic series of battles … or however epic it could be given the budget. There were some very funny moments within this first part, primarily with King Richard as he tried to figure out the best way to enter this duel and fight for his hopeful right to be king.

Also, many of the best jokes were in-jokes about the nature of being a long-running TV series, with Gareth reminding us all that the odds of any of our regulars dying before the finale were extremely low. This came after he decided to stay with Richard and his friends over siding with Madalena, who had taken the D’DEW power for herself and was trying to turn many of the zombies against everyone. There was no conclusion to the battle, and that is precisely what the writers were hoping for. Granted, their “cliffhanger” joke is somewhat wasted by the fact that the finale is airing a minute or two later.

It’s still unfortunate that the biggest problem with this season remains Wormwood, and he is still very much there for the finale. The latest song about the D’DEW was a little more cringe-worthy than fun, and we’ve never really found him maniacal enough. Part of the problem may just be that we have never quite known what the villain’s main motivation is or where he came from. We’d prefer he just be gone so Madalena can take center stage.

With the circumstances being that the finale is the true main event this year, this episode was about as good as it could be minus a musical number and Wormwood in general. Grade: B.

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