‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ spotlight: Will Alecia Holden be a worthy underdog?

Alecia -

When we first saw the list of cast members for “Survivor: Kaoh Rong,” we wondered why Alecia Holden was on the brawn tribe. All we saw was that she was in the world of real estate, and that’s not really something that you tend to connect to physical strength.

However, our understanding of her as a player and competitor is a little bit clearer now that we’ve done some more reading up on who she is, and the sort of player she could be this season. She’s someone who claims to be fearless, adventurous, and is ready to take the bull by the horns this season. She’s a compelling person to watch, since we think much of the outcome for her this season could be dependent on circumstance.

Age – 24

Location – Dallas, Texas. As a former Dallas resident, we’ll always throw some support towards local castaways!

Tribe -To Tang a.k.a. the Brawn tribe.

Occupation – Real estate agent. There are probably a few different contestants over the years with this profession, but the only one we personally remember with it is Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien.

Past “Survivor” comparison – It’s pretty awesome that she claims she’s like Kass as a major fan of hers ourselves, but this is the sort of comparison that we have to see on the show in order to buy into. It’s easy to say that you are going to be an agent of change, and it’s so much harder when you’re around the actual people in the game. At the moment, we’d probably compare her the most to Chelsea Meisnner from “One World,” another young women who was outdoorsy and adventurous.

Things to know – She’s the granddaughter of a pastor, the daughter of a boxing promoter, and an adrenaline junkie. She loves challenges, will not back down, and she says “at the end of the day” so many times in this video that it makes us think that she’s related to Beast Mode Cowboy. She’s certainly coming into the game with a similar frame of mind to him, so who knows? Maybe they’d be allies if they make it far enough.

Advantages – One of the things Alecia could do is lure players into a false sense of security. If she can convince the fellow players of the Brawn tribe that she’s not that tough or strategic, maybe they would underestimate her and keep her around. Then, she could stab them in the back later if need be. She’ll be pretty good in the challenges, so we don’t think that there will be an individual moment during the game where she is accused of holding her tribe back.

Disadvantages – The issue with Alecia is that she is really firm about her convictions entering the game, and we’re not sure she can keep it to herself her desire to cause a little chaos in the game. Given that this season filmed less than a year after the “Survivor: Cagayan” finale, everyone out there is going to remember Kass very well. Therefore, we have to think that some people are going to come after her the moment they realize that she could cause some trouble. She’s playing a risky game, and much of her success could depend on when she opts to strike.

Prediction – This is where things get interesting. We’ve already made it clear that we see Cydney linking up with the guys on her tribe, and that makes Alecia a potential early boot. However, at the same time there’s a good chance that the Brawn won’t go to tribal council for a while since they’re so physical. If she could make it to a tribe swap she could be extremely dangerous, but like many other pot-stirrers (Russell, Kass), she probably doesn’t have a great chance to win if she makes it to the end.

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