‘The Voice UK’ review: J Sealy, Aliesha Lobuczek, Kevin Simm audition!

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Tonight marks the latest audition show for “The Voice UK,” and for the first time really all season, we have a little bit of hope for the season! There were a few people who we think could be contenders this season, and from an entertainment standpoint this was great since we had a little bit of drama for the first time in a while.

Aliesha Lobuczek – Aliesha was the first contestant to try out, and there was potential in her take on Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.” With that being said, this was far from perfect; there were some bum notes, but with some vocal training she had the personality and enthusiasm to go very far. Team Paloma.

Alaric Green – We’re so happy for Alaric, given that midway through the performance it started to feel like Boy George and Paloma weren’t taking him all that seriously (something that’s been a little irritating with operatic tones this season). Hilarious pitch session, since his choice was made almost from the moment Will admitted he hit the button on accident. Team Ricky.

Faheem – Very good audition. Probably the most solid, polished vocalist we’ve seen through three auditions. He needs still to work on getting some star quality, but he picked someone who could be able to bring that out of him. Team Will.

J Sealy – Really good, and possibly underrated by the coaches? He doesn’t have the biggest range out of anyone on the season, but there is a nice vulnerability and tone that feels completely organic to him. He’ll be able to sing almost anything with this particular sound. Team George.

Steve Devereaux – We’ve been hard on Paloma, but we’ll give her some credit for turning around for an older contestant with a big-band voice, something that few coaches over the years do regardless of the talent level. Team Paloma.

Heather Cameron-Hayes – It was almost eerie listening to “Life on Mars” given David Bowie’s recent death and knowing what a fan of his Boy George was. It was ultimately very appropriate that these two ended up together, and that she chose him. Team George.

Kevin Simm – Audition of the season. Amazing voice. Whoever has him will probably win the whole thing. Let’s talk about the pitch, though: We think that George is probably taking this way too seriously. Was Paloma a little rude pretending to fall asleep during his speech? Sure, but we think she was just trying to make good TV and wasn’t trying to be mean. Obviously Kevin sympathized with her as a little bit of an underdog, and she fought for him hard. Good on both of them! Team Paloma.

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