‘The Amazing Race 28’ spotlight: Will Marty Cobb, Hagan Parkman fly high over competition?

Mary and Hagan -On this season of “The Amazing Race,” finding people who don’t exactly have a ton of internet fame is hard to come by. That’s what makes Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman rather interesting. They are probably the closest to everyday people among the cast this season. Marty mostly found internet fame thanks to a viral video of her doing her job as a flight attendant, which really is hilarious. It also had to be somewhat unexpected that it blew up, since we figure this is something that she’s probably done countless times over the course of her life.

So as much as we like them (especially since Marty hails from West Texas, where we spent a good bit of time in our childhood), will she and her daughter be good racers? That’s something we are here to figure out in our latest edition of our spotlight series.

Relationship – Mother / daughter.

Claim to fame – As mentioned, it’s all about the viral video below (which has been seen more than 22 million times).

Strengths – There is an inherent advantage to Marty being a flight attendant, since she probably knows many of the tricks to getting good seats and booking airline tickets. She’s traveled a lot over the course of her life! Unfortunately, the downside here is that CBS books more flights now than they used to.

Aside from the job, these two are very fun, unassuming people who could make great allies to other teams. They won’t be seen as huge threats, and they could work that to their advantage as they go throughout the race. Hagan’s done some modeling, so maybe there is some common ground between her and Instagram models Brittany & Jessica this season.

Weaknesses – Our biggest concern is simply that they don’t have the athletic ability or the speed of some of the other teams, and we don’t know if we see either one of them as super-competitive and cutthroat. They remind us a little bit personality wise of Denise & James Earl, who did make it fairly far last season but were never considered serious threats to win the show.

Prediction – We’d love to see them make it to the final five from an entertainment standpoint, but that’s probably their ceiling. More than likely, they’ll be one of the first few teams gone simply because it may take them longer to complete some of the tasks than the other teams. There’s not a great track record of mother / daughter teams faring particularly well on the show.

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