‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 12 review: Liz Keen’s adoption plan, new look, and more

The Blacklist logo any seasonRemember when Liz Keen had shorter, dark hair on “The Blacklist”? Well, we are now officially back to that happening. The time of her sporting a blonde look is over!

Yet, we know that most people are not reading this to talk about characters getting physical makeovers. Instead, let’s talk about the main subject at hand in “The Vhem,” and that was Liz trying to figure out whether or not to keep her child, or eventually put him or her up for adoption. It’s not a decision that she is taking lightly, and it is one that Reddington wasted little time injecting his two cents in.

Do we still think that this storyline is polarizing? Definitely, but to us it makes way more sense to write it in than try to hide Megan Boone’s real-life pregnancy in a show that features her frequently running around. Trying to not explain that would be tough. Also, we’re not sure that this baby really brings her and Tom any closer together at all; while they talked about running away together, that didn’t happen over the course of this hour. What did, however, was Liz opting to at least call an adoption agency. That seems to be her decision for now more than running away, and while it must be heartbreaking for her given her hopes to adopt a child in season 1, it makes sense given her life right now.

In other news, Cooper is now living at work! As if his life was not enough of a mess already, he and his wife are getting a divorce. Of course, he doesn’t want anyone to know, but Aram has already figured that out.

The case-of-the-week component here was admittedly not the most interesting or exciting; as a matter of fact, we’d consider it to be much more of the same with the main exception being Liz’s new role as a consultant. That has potential, but we’re not sure that we have made it there yet. Grade: B-.

(Photo: NBC.)

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