‘Daredevil’ season 2, episode 7 review: Is Matt destroying his relationships with Foggy, Karen?

On the last episode of “Daredevil” we saw Frank Castle plead “not guilty” to the crimes he’s being charged with and now Matt and Foggy are taking his case to trial. We know that Frank wants to stick it to Reyes, but really we think that he wants to get his story out there so people know what really happened to his family.

We start out this episode with Matt and Foggy in court defending Frank Castle and immediately we are hoping this whole episode is going to be the trial. We haven’t had a chance to really see Matt and Foggy in court, and it’s something we’ve wanted to see since this series started. We were hoping that Elektra would be left out of this episode and just give Frank his time at court, but that didn’t happen. She found the man that wrote the code in the Yakuza ledger and after beating this man to a pulp he tells them that there is a shipment being delivered that evening and where, but not what the shipment is.

Foggy has been working on Frank’s defense while Matt is out playing hero with Elektra, bouncing around ideas like “PTSD”, but decide to go after Reyes and prove that she is part of a larger cover up involving Frank. Foggy learns that the medical examiner that presided over the deaths of Frank’s family is one of Reyes key witnesses and is hoping to get him to reveal that he doctored the documents concerning the shooting and get Frank a mistrial.

After spending the night out kicking ass and taking names with Elektra (only to uncover a cargo train full of dirt), Matt is late for Frank’s trial. We don’t really understand why Matt is making Elektra’s nonsense a priority over his partnership with Foggy and lying about it since Foggy knows he’s Daredevil. Foggy is forced to make an unprepared opening statement and he does the best he can until Matt shows up. Matt starts to ask the medical examiner about altering the autopsy reports on Frank’s family, but before he can, the medical examiner comes clean about it. He says that after Frank’s family was killed, two men came to his office and said if he didn’t doctor the reports on Frank’s family (and one other male John Doe) that they would murder his family. So why did he decide to come clean? Elektra threatened to kill him if he didn’t. Foggy tries for a mistrial, but the judge isn’t budging on that – instead she instructs the jury to disregard any testimony from the medical examiner and Foggy and Matt are back at square one.

This situation forces Matt to come clean with Foggy about Elektra and everything that they’ve been doing. Foggy is furious over Matt lying to him again and we don’t blame him. Foggy tells Matt off for all the lying and sneaking around he’s been doing behind his back as well as Karen’s. Even after disappointing Foggy and Karen, Matt is still focused on the Yakuza and the piles of dirt being removed from one of Fisk’s old properties (there is some giant never ending hole being dug on the property.)

We are not enjoying this side of Matt that burns his relationships to the ground for no reason, especially now that Foggy knows he’s Daredevil – there is zero reason for him to lie to Foggy anymore so storywise this isn’t making a lot of sense. As much we didn’t enjoy the Elektra storyline before, now we can’t stand it. The Yakuza is not enough motivation for Matt to torch his relationship with Foggy a second time, ruin his career and push away Karen. We just don’t buy into a man that cares so deeply about doing the right thing for the city, but not for the people he loves that live in that city. Episode grade: D+

What did you think of this episode of “Daredevil” and do you like where the season is going when it comes to the story? Leave us a comment below.

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