‘Daredevil’ season 2, episode 6 review: Matt, Foggy and the Punisher’s case

On the last episode of “Daredevil” we had a lot of backstory with Matt and Elektra, learning that they were once lovers and that she betrayed him when he didn’t kill the man that murdered his father. She is back in town and her motivation has been fairly murky when it comes to why she wanted to get in touch with Matt again, but now that the Yakuza is after her (and she has tricked him into helping) it is starting to become a little more clear what it is she wants from Matt.

Elektra’s plan worked and Matt is forced to face off against the Yakuza as Daredevil, but afterwards she has to answer for what happened. She says that she figured out he was Daredevil from watching the news, but when he pushes to find out what the Yakuza wants with her, she’s skates around the topic saying that she only recently found out that they were involved in her dad’s organization. She wants Matt to partner up with her to drive the Yakuza underground again and in exchange she won’t come back to Hell’s Kitchen ever again. He says that if they partner up, she can’t kill anyone and she agrees.

Matt wants to go up against Reyes and defend Frank Castle – this way he won’t get the death penalty, Reyes will still get a win for Frank getting a life sentence and Matt and Foggy will show Reyes that she can’t push them around anymore. After some discussion, Foggy is on board and they decide to offer Frank representation, but as soon as Reyes hears that they are trying to poach him she is there in a flash to stop it. Unfortunately for Reyes, Frank demands to have Matt and Foggy represent him… really he just wants to know what Karen knows about what happened to his family. She tells him everything she knows and what she saw in his house and he starts to open up revealing that he never went back to his family home after what happened. The more they talk the more they bond and Karen sees that there’s more behind this vigilante killer. After some work, Foggy finds a way to get the death penalty off the table, and even though Reyes is pushing for 3 life sentences without the possibility of parole Foggy got her down to just one year with parole in 25 years, and all he has to do is plead guilty. Frank agrees, but once he’s in front of the judge he pleads not guilty and Karen thinks that it’s because he wants a trial so that the truth comes out about his family.

We decided not to get too deep into the Matt and Elektra caper involving the Yakuza to get the ledger in our review because it just wasn’t that exciting and didn’t really bring a lot to the episode. We loved the stuff with Frank Castle and wish that the masterminds behind the show had left Elektra out of this season and just put their focus solely on the Punisher this season and Elektra next. Too much is going on at once and what we liked so much about season one was the small cast and simplicity of the story that brought deeper levels of understanding to the characters and to the viewers – in other words, we cared a lot more about our heroes last season then we do this season. Episode grade: B-

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