‘American Idol 15’ review: La’Porsha Renae, Jenn Blosil, Olivia Rox hit Hollywood Week

Wednesday night’s new episode of “American Idol” is the official beginning of Hollywood Week, which for the most part is admittedly our least-favorite of the competition. It’s also one that is the hardest to write about, since there are quite a few different people who we either don’t remember from the auditions, or we did not see at all.

So for this review, we’re focusing mostly on the people who you remember from the auditions, and some of the notable exits of there are any.

La’Porsha Renae – It only makes sense to start with someone who we highly consider to be one of the best the night has to offer. Incredible vocals, and we like that she didn’t throw everything into this take on “Roar.” It almost would’ve been too easy.

Olivia Rox – It wasn’t the biggest spotlight in the world on her, but it was still rather great.

Jessica Cabral – Go ahead and +1 everything we just said above.

Jordan Sasser – He’s a little too over-the-top for our liking, but there’s zero questioning the vocal ability. At least there are no more awkward arguments between him and his wife.

Shelbie Z. – Like there was ever any doubt here. The former “Voice” star is great.

Gianna Isabella – She’s proving to be more than just a daughter of a super-famous pop star; she’s got a great voice and a style all of her own.

Michelle Marie – The super-fan made it through; the contestant with the super-fan parents, meanwhile, did not.

Poh – Shi’s sister continues to make her sister cry! This seems to be a trend.

Emily Brooke – Also a trend? Watching Emily perform songs by former contestants on “The Voice.” This time, she did something by Cassadee Pope.

Trent Harmon – Despite being extremely sick, Trent still did enough to move on and survive a last-second fakeout by the judges.

In the end, not the greatest Hollywood Week show, but it’s hard to love what is effectively a revolving door for many singers. We’ll be a little more amped up when it comes to Group Night, given that this is at least where the majority of the drama is.

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