‘Daredevil’ season 2, episode 3 review: Daredevil talks redemption, Punisher talks consequences

DaredevilNot a lot happened on the last episode of “Daredevil” outside of Matt and the Punisher both disappearing right after Matt’s hearing gave out on him again: Does the Punisher have Matt? We are also hoping that they really find something for Karen to do this season, because so far she hasn’t been doing much of anything outside of flirting/worrying about Matt.

So where is Matt? We start this episode with him chained up on a roof top with the Punisher in control of the situation. What we liked about this was that we have two men that both think that they are heroes to the city, but both go about things in very different ways, so seeing them have a chat about their moral compasses was a delicate conversation that needed to be had. What makes Daredevil a hero in the eyes of the city, where as Punisher is seen as a villain when they both have the same motivation behind what they are doing? Matt won’t kill people and feels that there can be rehabilitation for criminals, where as the Punisher feels that the only way to stop crime from happening is to kill. This was what made this conversation between Daredevil and Punisher the highlight of the episode and cast a dull shadow on pretty much anything else – the writing has always been the strongest part of the show for us and it continues to be the shining star.

When the Punisher puts a gun in Matt’s hands and tells him that if he doesn’t shoot him, then he will kill Grotto it forces Matt to look at the situation from his side for a moment. Matt refuses to play into the Punisher’s ultimatum and eventually frees himself by shooting the chains, but to escape with his life he has an un-ending group of thugs he has to battle. Many are comparing this scene to the infamous corridor action sequence from season 1, but for us that scene just can’t be topped and set an impossible standard for all other action sequences in this show. That being said… this scene was awesome, but we missed seeing the realism of Matt losing energy (and the thugs losing steam) as he tires from the non-stop punching.

It was good to see Claire back when Foggy goes looking for Matt, but we were hoping that she would have a bigger role this season then she has so far. Karen’s storyline this season is a little weak for us, and having her kept out of the Matt/Foggy secret feels disjointed right now. She needs more to do then trying to save Grotto, who no one really cares about (and is dead now anyways). Also is there anyone else out there that wants to see a Foggy/Claire hook up? Episode grade: A-

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