TV Underdogs: What could ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12 bring for Jason George’s Ben?

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Grey’s Anatomy” is a show with an enormous cast. Unfortunately, there are as a result of this plenty of people who we want to know more about, but for one reason or another, we don’t get a chance to. Ben Warren is one of these such characters. Despite Jason George having a much larger role on the show over the past season and a half, we still don’t see a whole lot of him. We know about his relationship with Bailey, but we don’t often see him getting altogether mixed up in some of the drama with the other characters. Also, we don’t often see a lot of his medical achievements, and hitting some of those milestones often make for great personal scenes.

So are there some ways for the show to turn that around? That’s something we want to explore further in our latest TV Underdogs feature piece.

Why he’s an underdog – Just the way in which we’ve gone about seeing George on the show is interesting and compelling in its own right. He was recurring for a while, and then when “Mistresses” was using him heavily we didn’t see nearly as much of Ben. Now, he’s back in a larger capacity, and you’re rooting for him to succeed in the same way that you do many of the characters on this show. We always love these underdog stories of actors who find a way into a more permanent role on the show because they were too good for the producers to lose.

Why we don’t see more of him – As we mentioned, the huge cast is a big part of the reason. Also, there tends to be an ebb and flow with storylines, where some characters tend to have some more time in the spotlight for a few weeks before giving way to some others. For the first half of season 12, we started out heavy on Jackson and Avery, and while they are still working through things, we’d say that Owen and Amelia are currently in the forefront thanks to Riggs and her losing her sobriety. In the middle of season 12A, we had a lot of Callie thanks to Penny surfacing. Hopefully, something great for Ben will come in the future.

Ways to see more of him – How about just giving Ben some more interactions with other characters, and opportunities create some more unusual pairings? How about giving him something new and extensive to do with a character like Alex that spans several episodes, or have form a friendship with one of the many people at the Grey Sloan who currently need a friend? We already know that George and Chandra Wilson have great chemistry together, but we’d love to see Ben interact more with some other people to learn more about who he is and where he came from.

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