TV Underdogs: Will ‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4 show us more Heather?

Heather -

Before the start of “Beauty and the Beast” season 3, we heard reports that Nicole Gale Anderson was promoted to series regular for her role of Heather. This was great news! It was a chance for Cat to have someone new to work with in scenes, and also for her and Vincent to have a little bit of an extended family. Other than her, the only other regular presences on the show are their friends JT and Tess.

Our only regret for season 3 was that we did not get to see Heather more than we did on the show, and that most of the time she was relegated to either wedding planner or person-in-peril who needed help from Cat and Vincent. While we’re not entirely sure what her role will or could be for season 4, why not have a little fun speculating in our latest TV Underdogs piece?

Why she’s an underdog – She’s the sort of person who is perpetually optimistic, always seen the best in people, and has shown plenty of times that she can be selfless. Yet, we also don’t get the sense that she has everything that she wants out of her life just yet and clearly deserves more. With that in mind, she’s the perfect person to root for! She’s almost a microcosm of many fans of the show who would love to be a part of the world; she doesn’t have abilities or a badge, but still wants to help.

Why we don’t see more of her – It’s pretty simple: She’s not actively involved in many missions, and mostly seemed to be there in season 3 to further along the wedding plans for Cat and Vincent and also to create tension in a few different places. When you don’t include someone in the primary push of many episodes, it’s hard to get more of them beyond just a couple of scenes.

Ways to give her more screen time – This is a pretty easy one to identify: Find a way to bring her in to more of the missions! She doesn’t have to be actively involved in shooting out bad guys, but you could make her a liaison or have her helping JT at a lab somewhere. Her situation reminds us a little bit of Ellie / Captain Awesome in “Chuck”; while they did not necessarily have a whole lot of spy skills, they still found a way to be rather useful.

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