‘Supernatural’ season 11, episode 10 video: The struggle for Jared Padalecki’s Sam

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On the winter premiere of “Supernatural” Wednesday night, the struggle is going to be real for Sam Winchester. He has to figure out a way to escape the clutches of Lucifer, figure out if he can keep the demons from floating around inside of his head, and also forge a path to the future … hopefully with the help of Dean and Castiel along the way.

Unfortunately for these characters, this is just the winter premiere! When you are a Winchester, you cannot prepare for a vacation at all. Something worse is around the corner, and for Dean and Castiel that could be a very furious Amara. She was smited by the angels in the midseason finale, but in a classic case of TV misdirection, we have yet to see a body. Therefore, it’s possible in theory that she is off somewhere, stewing and collecting her power until she figures out the right time to strike in the future. For really much of the entire planet, this is bad news given that Amara was certainly dangerous before. Imagine her now.

For Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Jensen Ackles, this is great news given that it’s quality, complicated material for them to play. For their characters, it’s beyond hell on earth. Even if Amara is dead (which we highly doubt), something else will come and metaphorically slap them across the face by the end of this season. That’s how this world works.

If you check back later, we’ll have our full preview for the next episode of “Supernatural.” Stay tuned!

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