‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 6, episode 12 review: Ezra the suspect, the mystery car, and more

Charlotte -So far through two episodes of the “Pretty Little Liars” – “Five Years Forward” reinvention, it certainly feels clear that we have more questions than answers, just as it also is clear that some of the new characters are going to have a hard time feeling organic in this world.

First and foremost, let’s discuss Liam and his hipster glasses. He seems very sweet, but also a little bit naive as to what is going on in Rosewood, and also the lengthy history between Aria and Ezra. If he realized the extent of their feelings we can’t imagine he’d be so okay with her traveling down and spending so much time pressuring him to get back into the writing. Work is work, but this stretches to a far deeper place.

Also, tonight we met Hanna’s fiance Jordan, who has a cool accent … and that may be the coolest thing about him. We already wonder what’s going on with Spencer and Hanna’s ex Caleb, whose relationship is far more interesting.

The mystery regarding Charlotte DiLaurentis’ death is at the center of everything at the moment, though we also must say that the show is not really doing much to dive us answers for now. While Ezra may have the means to kill her, what’s the motive beyond rage over things that happened five years ago? We just don’t see mild-mannered former teacher going after her right now given that most of his inner darkness can now be found at the bottom of a bottle. Maybe a better suspect is Sara, who has a habit of following Emily around, and also the whole creepy car thing that we still don’t get.

The one thing we’re missing right now on the show is a tangible villain, someone to really look at as a target and despite. Sara, at least for now, may not be enough. Grade: B-.

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