‘Agent Carter’ season 2 spoilers: Setting up the arrival of Whitney Frost

In just a matter of a single day now, ABC is going to introduce the second season of “Agent Carter.” It’s a show that they have huge aspirations for, and at the same time it also happens to be a show that there is a very large fandom out there supporting already. Peggy Carter is moving out to Los Angeles, and while there will be some familiar faces, there are also many newcomers both good and bad that she will be running into.

One of these women happens to be none other than Whitney Frost, who will prove to be trouble for her in a rather short period of time as she eventually transforms into more or less Madame Masque. It’s a chance to bring a comic character to life, and in speaking more about this character to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Michele Fazekas had the following to say:

“The big bad is Whitney Frost, who’s played by Wynn Everett. What I like about how we told the story this season is that we see her from the beginning. We see her go from just a person who’s manipulative. The relationship she has with her husband is more of a Lady Macbeth, where she’s manipulative a genius who operates from behind the scenes. You see her become a villain. We also tell some of her backstory in episode 4. We actually compare and contrast her and Peggy, like how do these two women, who are similar in many ways — they’re both very smart, strong women — end up in very different places in their life. We see her become our version of Madame Masque. We somewhat based her on the actress Hedy Lamarr, who in addition to being this very glamorous actress was also an inventor. We took a page from that and put that into our Madame Masque character.”

This show is going to contain many twists and turns, but we anticipate for the most part it continuing to be popcorn entertainment first and foremost. We think the condensed season works well for it, and it feels like a contained narrative even more at times than “Agents of SHIELD” does.

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