‘Galavant’ season 2, episode 6 review: Enter the Forest of Coincidence

Galavant -The longer that “Galavant” season 2 has progressed, the more that we have pondered over one question: When are some of the main characters going to come together? They’ve spent much of the season apart doing their own thing, including trying to get back to one another.

We’re now seeing much of the re-formation of many groups. After running away from Valencia Sid has reunited with Galavant and King Richard, at the home of Galavant’s own father no less. His story for this episode was one of feeling rage over the lack of a relationship with his father, with it eventually turning into gratitude when the two got on the same page and Galavant realized that his dad was actually a nice guy now.

Meanwhile, Gareth and Madalena are now planning an invasion of Hortensia of all places, mostly because of the fact that Wormwood arrived at their castle with the knowledge of all that happened to him. Now, we’ve got some “villains” with a united cause, which should make the final episodes fun. Do we think that Wormwood is a great villain? Not really, but maybe it’ll help him to be next to Gareth, who is delightfully evil in what he likes to do. Take, for example, getting into bar fights on his birthday.

There was some good humor throughout, from Sid and Wormwood meeting in the Forest of Coincidence to Galavant commenting on how his beard was very “period” and therefore his father could not make fun of it. The musical numbers were solid, though we could’ve done without the children singing about how great their sword teacher / Galavant’s father truly was. A solid entry into the season, and a nice recovery from what we thought was the season’s weakest outing to date. Also, there was a fun cliffhanger with Galavant “dying,” which is certainly not going to happen. Grade: B+.

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