TV Underdogs: Should ‘Major Crimes’ season 4 bring us more of Andy Flynn?

Andy -There are few characters within the world of “Major Crimes” that are as well-known to us as Andy Flynn. He’s been around from the early days of “The Closer,” and has gone from a potential adversary to Brenda to one of the most likable characters in this universe. Also, his relationship with Sharon is a personal highlight since it shows the natural progression of a great friendship into something so much more.

So while we’ve gotten to see Tony Denison do a lot of great stuff during season 4 in particular, that is not stopping us from asking us what else we could see in the future on TNT. That’s the subject for our latest chapter in our TV Underdogs series.

Why he’s an underdog – Just look at his arc for season 4B: He was hospitalized, in danger, and had to work his way back into being a part of the force once more. He’s someone who has become a popular character because of Denison’s performance, his character’s relationship with Sharon, and also how he interacts with other members of the team and works to get the job done. Even when the odds are stacked against him, you want to root for him.

Why you don’t see more of him – You do see a great deal of Andy on “Major Crimes” (at least proportional to see other under-utilized people we’ve spotlighted in this series), but you also have to remember that this is a rather large ensemble, and to go along with that he’s not the lead. Therefore, there will inevitably be stories that don’t involve him, and cases that will put him in more of a background role.

Ways to give him more airtime – We are always fascinating with seeing more of someone’s past, so how about going back to before Andy even knew Sharon for a case or two? Introduce some people who he had some past connections with that maybe knew a different side of him; or, maybe showcase some more of the romantic side of the character. Given that TNT has been moving away from some of their long-running crime dramas, there should be almost a carpe-diem feel to the rest of season 4 and season 5. Why not show us what an engagement or a wedding between the two would look like? It would be a dream for many fans who have followed the characters so closely over the years.

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