‘The Voice UK’ review: Harry Fisher, Lydia Lucy, Charley Blue, Megan Reece more audition

VoiceThe second audition episode of “The Voice UK” started off on Saturday with probably one of the stranger performers we’ve seen on the show … but also one of the cooler ones. Think of this as a great foundation for everything that came up afterwards.

As always with our singing-show reviews, we’re going to update this as the night goes on. Stay tuned for some other updates!

Charley Blue – A really talented performer, and definitely not someone we’ve seen before. She looks a little like Taylor Swift, but doesn’t perform like her at all. She plays the violin … and she also raps. You can’t make this up. She’s really entertaining, though, and someone we want to see more of. Team Will.

Chase Morton – We didn’t actually love his range, so we’re not surprised that he only had one chair turn around. Still, he’s got a cool story as a fighter / singer who could bring a different sort of confident energy to the show. Also, great news for Boy George, given that he doesn’t have to wait the whole episode this time for a team member. Team George.

Divina De Campo – A lot of fun, but at the same time this further proves that the coaches just aren’t interested in opera this season. Divina was tremendous! The funny thing here is that you would think an opera-singing drag queen would be the most original thing ever, but we’ve actually seen performers like her before a number of times. No chair.

Megan Reece – This performance went by in the blink of an eye! She’s super-soulful, and she got turns from both George and Paloma Faith. Her decision was super-obvious, but George had the moment of the night by joking that he slept with Prince after Paloma tried to name-drop that she performed with the “Purple Rain” singer. Team Paloma.

Stevie Calrow – It’s interesting that despite not being able to see the singer, people over the age of 60 rarely ever get anyone to turn for them. Are the coaches really that good at detecting age? No chair.

Lydia Lucy – Remember her? She was previously on “The X Factor.” She’s super-current and has a little bit of a Cher Lloyd vibe in between her tone and her swagger. We feel like she knew who she needed to pick before going out on the stage, and it was smart for her future musical director. Team Will.

Janine Dyer – This was a fun pitch following a very powerful “Bridge Over Troubled Water” performance. It was almost like she was messing with the coaches before picking Ricky Wilson, even in spite of him being so different from her in terms of his musical style. Team Ricky.

Niamh Breslin – We’re going to blame this one almost entirely on song choice. This song was almost too far out there for the coaches to properly appreciate it.

Melissa Cavanagh – The most bizarre part of this was Ricky’s pitch that single-turns are even better than the four-chair turns, which we certainly don’t agree with when it comes to drama. Melissa’s audition had some pitch issues, but we think she’ll work hard. Team George.

Harry Fisher – This is one that we don’t quite get. How did Harry only get one chair? He’s a little shaky in the upper register, but he’s great at the lower notes and could be a force to reckon with moving forward. Team George.

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