‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: Will Red’s (recent) history impact his work?

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf there is one thing that has defined Raymond Reddington over the course of “The Blacklist” through three seasons, it is the fact that he has this extensive network of criminals and sources who can drudge up almost everything that he needs at any given moment. Basically, he’s the serious version of Barney Stinson. He’s got an identity guy, a heist guy, a DMV guy, and probably dozens of other guys he hasn’t even met yet. He’s currently beating that beer commercial guy for Most Interesting Man in the World.

However, what happens when his work with the FBI starts to make potential contacts wary? He’s spent so much time putting away bad guys, so what happens when his contacts start to think that they could be targets? These are themes that could be involved in an upcoming episode, based on what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview:

“There is an episode coming up which shines a light on the way that criminals communicate and network in an odd way … We posit that perhaps criminals that have business interests aligned would get together and solve differences. There is a really interesting look behind the curtain of the way that Red operates and works with some of his criminal counterparts.”

For the time being, our hope here is mostly that we get an opportunity to see over the course of the upcoming season to see what happens when Red is almost ostracized out of fear, and he realizes that maybe he is not as charming as we once thought. Could he have to pick a side?

Photo: NBC

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