TV Underdogs: Where will ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 take Holland Roden’s Lydia?

Teen Wolf -So far, we are two episodes into the second half of “Teen Wolf” season 5, and one thing already seems clear: We’re in for quite a journey when it comes to the character of Lydia. She’s in Eichen House, which is never the sort of place you want to be at to begin with if you’re interested in keeping your sanity. To go along with that, she’s also going to find herself pretty much in a state of perpetual peril. Sure, she may hone some of her powers in the process, but what will it take out of her?

In this latest edition of our daily TV Underdogs series, we’re going to brainstorm some more ideas to make the story for Holland Roden’s character even more awesome, and also talk about why she remains someone worth rooting for in the midst of a rather-large cast.

Why she’s an underdog – Let’s start simple: She’s not a werewolf on a show stuffed full of them. She has to find a way to understand her powers with fewer mentors, and less of a guidebook. She is dangerous, but at times dangerous to herself. She’s someone you want the best for, even if you understand that it is a difficult journey. Just like everyone else on the show, she’s already overcome great odds. In that sense, almost everyone is an underdog.

Why you don’t see more of her – Lydia this season has been separated at times from much of the cast, but that is what happens when you are placed within a separate location a good percentage of the time. The great news that comes from that is that she is getting perhaps her own story more than ever more. Unfortunately, the downside there is that getting this separate story also means that she is not as involved in some others.

Ways to give her more airtime – If Lydia makes it through to the other side, imagine the sort of fun the writers can have exploring her banshee side in a way that they haven’t already. We’d love to see her moving into the second half of season 5 / season 6 be shown as even more of a heroine, and be the one to save Scott and Stiles on several occasions. Granted, we also admit that there’d be something interesting about seeing what happens if she turns evil for just a few episodes; it’d certainly be fun material for Roden to work with, but there would have to be a way to have it make sense similar to what we’ve seen with Void Stiles. (Just because you’re a supernatural show doesn’t mean that you can ignore a rulebook-of-sorts.)

What about romance? There are obviously plenty of people out there ‘shipping Lydia with various characters, and we figure that some of the relationships will build organically for her. We just want to see more action along the way.

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