TV Underdogs: Will ‘Agents of SHIELD’ give Leo Fitz even more time in the spotlight?

FitzWe may have a Leo Fitz problem when it comes to Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD.” We would be willing to wager that the first part of season 3 likely contained some of the best material that we’ve seen to date when it comes to the character; yet, we still find ourselves wanting more, and getting further opportunities to see what the writers can give to him. He’s not the strongest member of SHIELD, and he’s far from the first guy Coulson would put out into the field. Yet, he’s smart, resourceful, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s the guy who you know will fight for you, and he may be the show’s most relatable character. Cheers to Iain De Caestecker, who is a big part of relaying that to us as a viewer.

So what are some further ideas to bring him into the limelight? This is a subject that we’re thrilled to be discussing further in our latest TV Underdogs story.

Why he’s an underdog – As we’ve mentioned, he’s someone who has to rely on his mind and his skills more than his combat prowess, but he’s someone still with the heart of the hero and a deep love for protecting those he cares for. His love for Simmons has at times made him a romantic underdog, as well, especially during “4,722 Hours,” our favorite episode potentially of the entire series. You want to see him react to all of the changes and shifts in this world, mostly because you know you will get an earnest response.

Why he doesn’t get more time – Fitz does get a decent amount of love, so we’re not going to wag our finger at the writers for this one like we have with some other stories. They’ve also given him some great material (as we’ve mentioned; he was also very good in the midseason finale). Fitz shifting into the background of certain stories is more of a function of so many different cast members that the show has to cater to, especially when they have to flash back at times to what he is doing in the middle of a fight sequence just to get him on screen.

Ways to feature him more – Why not give us more time to see some character backstories? We know some about Fitz joining SHIELD thanks to the first season, but isn’t there something interesting in seeing more of what shaped him to be the man he is today? What if something from his past came back to haunt him on a personal level? The beauty of this character is that his compassion is both his greatest strength and weakness; there are certain ways to get to the root of his soul that would impact him deeper than the arrival of even a dozen Lashes and Grant Wards. Furthering his relationship with Jemma is another way to do that.

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