TV Underdogs: Will ‘Daredevil’ season 2 put Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson in the spotlight?

Foggy DaredevilIt’s impossible not to love Foggy Nelson on “Daredevil”. While he may not be a classic superhero or have loads of charisma like Matt Murdock, there is something very genuine about Foggy that makes us want to root for him. Add to that the incredible performance that Elden Henson has given us and we can’t help but want more of Foggy on the show. We love the chemistry he has with both Matt and Karen, but we also admire how much he cares for people. The moment that had us hooked on Foggy was when he found out that Matt was Daredevil and we saw just how crushed he was that Matt didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. Henson’s performance broke our hearts.

Why he’s an underdog: Matt Murdock always gets the girl and we understand why that happens – he’s handsome, charming, mysterious and a hero, so when Karen came on the scene we immediately assumed that she would end up in Matt’s arms as she does in the comics, but season one gave us a few romantic moments between Foggy and Karen that we can’t let go of no matter how many times Karen denies her feelings for Foggy. While Foggy may not be the hero in the way that Matt is, he’s a hero in his own way. We’ve seen him save Karen, push for what’s right when it comes to upholding the law and be the kind of friend to Matt that we all wish we had.

Why he hasn’t been seen more: With the show being about Matt’s life and how he’s balancing being a newly licensed lawyer by day and a hero by night, we don’t expect to get a lot of Foggy since this isn’t the Foggy show, but with him being Matt’s business partner and best friend we want to see him get some meaty stories in season 2. Now that he know’s Matt’s secret (and doesn’t fully support it) we understand why the second half of season 1 had less Foggy in it then the first half, but after having time to think about it, maybe Foggy will have more of a role in Matt’s crime fighting activities in season 2.

How to give him more airtime: Most times we want to see the hero get the girl, but in this circumstance the chemistry between Foggy and Karen is undeniable and is a stand out over the chemistry between Karen and Matt. While Karen may be the end game for Matt, why not have a season or two where Foggy and Karen are together? Wouldn’t that make for a more interesting love triangle when they eventually fall out and she ends up with Matt? It could be an interesting test of Foggy and Matt’s friendship, especially since it’s already on shaky ground after Foggy found out that Matt has been lying to him all this time about his secret identity. Also, we could see a situation come up in season 2 where Foggy has to become involved in Matt’s extra curricular activities – perhaps Foggy has to do something that isn’t exactly legal to save Matt’s life, pushing Foggy into some heavy moral dilemmas.

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