‘Shark Tank’ review: ezpz, Hungry Harvest, Sprëtz, and Controlled Chaos

Sharks -Ready for another “Shark Tank” review? Friday night’s new episode is bringing us everything from hair products to placemats for children to food to something to improve your breath after you eat. It’s a good bit of variety, and based on some of the sneak peeks that we saw going into this episode we knew that there was going to be some perfectly good drama for the Sharks to bite into.

As with every other review that we’ve done on this show over the course of the past several years, the links below direct you right to each company’s official website!

Sprëtz – Does this make your mouth, and your hands, fresh? The good news is that based on Lori Greiner’s own comments, it does! Here’s the problem: It still didn’t get anywhere close to a deal. This is just something that obviously would have trouble in the market, mostly because there are so many other breath enhancers out there already. As for the hands, we figure that there would be too much education required for people to realize that they could even use it there. No deal.

Hungry Harvest – Are these fruits and vegetables doing enough to overcome their appearance? They’re self-described by the company as ugly. It’s interest with that in mind that the guy pitching the product was called too nice. This was actually a pretty short segment, though, thanks mostly to Robert Herjavec. He met the valuation and pretty much made it clear that he wanted to work with him and loved the idea; now, the investment is complete. Do we think Kevin O’Leary would’ve been a great fit because of Plated? Sure, but there was no reason for him to wait.

Controlled Chaos – Can this keep your curls looking great? It seems to based on the claims in the Tank, but what we have to say about this is that it may be the most hilarious presentation we’ve ever seen. Kevin O’Leary was a gem throughout this in between his “I know hair” proclamations and announcing he was out after Lori scored a deal. This may be proof that providing something for a huge market may be more important at times than having a functioning business model, since this was a mess and then some on that end.

ezpz – Is it going to be a perfect placemat for little ones? This was a mess, and ultimately we are starting to feel that this was a case of someone who was extremely optimistic and seemingly valuing her company with the assumption that she was going to be a smash hit in the Tank. We’re not sure that is the right move, and there was no deal, even though she got a good offer from Kevin O’Leary. Why? In her mind, it just didn’t feel right.

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