‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 10 review: Is Liz Keen now a free woman?

The Blacklist logo any seasonNow that Liz is one step closer to being free on “The Blacklist”, Reddington’s focus has shifted to taking down the entire Cabal. How is he going to take down such a huge network of powerful players? Well, this is Raymond Reddington we are talking about here, and he not only has his own network of powerful players, but he’s always able to stay one step ahead with carefully thought out plans.

The great news for Red is that he did achieve his goal of getting Liz freed during “The Director: Conclusion,” albeit with a great deal of consequences along the way. As skillful as he may be, there was not a way out of getting Liz to enter a plea for at least involuntary manslaughter. This is brilliant on the show’s part to not just wipe their hands of this and let the character move on, but that’s what makes “The Blacklist” more than just a standard semi-procedural network drama. They actually have something known as character development and process. We’re seeing Liz forced into a situation now where she is free, but it means so many different things than it would have if there were not charges against her.

Meanwhile, the Director is gone, but that hardly means the end of the Cabal as a whole. Red’s meeting with Laurel in the closing minutes signals that there is something more coming around the bend, which could set up a deeper mythology and more problems.

Here’s the craziest thing to think about after the thrill ride that has been the past ten episodes: We’re still less than halfway through this season! It’s going to be a bump ride for everyone before the metaphorical train screeches to a halt. Grade: A-.

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