‘Beyond the Tank’ review: 180 Cup’s 180, plus Simple Sugars, Biaggi, and PetPaint

Beyond the Tank -The first episode of “Beyond the Tank” season 2 was mildly interesting, but we’re starting to think after watching Thursday night’s that this is where the show really saved most of its good stuff! There was some real drama in this episode, and to go along with that some things that we really don’t seen in the show update segments. That’s our biggest issue with some of what we’ve seen to date; it more or less feels like stretched-out versions of stuff we’ve seen already.

180 Cup – To us, this is where the majority of the drama truly lied. This was proof that sometimes a Shark and a company founder just don’t mix. He and Daymond John were not getting along, and in particular the latter was far-from-impressed when he showed little interest in getting Lil Jon on board, even for a small royalty, to help promote the brand and blow it up to a new level. We know this show doesn’t give you all of the information, but we’re totally #TeamDaymond on this one. We’re not sure why you wouldn’t want somebody to work with you who has clearly become a mogul for a reason. These two seem to be going separate ways.

Biaggi – Probably the other most-intriguing segment of the day, mostly because we saw the case here of a man who was so desperate to keep his original product still around that he got together an order of them without telling Lori Greiner first. He still seems to be going in the right direction, but kudos to Lori here: She handled this situation far better than we would have.

PetPaint – Despite not getting a deal, this was still the part of the episode that we wanted to tune out, probably just because we’ve never been a fan of the idea of painting your pet, and also because there was just not anything that interesting that happened.

Simple Sugars – Other than working on building some confidence with Mark Cuban, we’re not sure what we really got out of this segment, which was the opener of the episode. We’re glad that this business is doing so well, but we also knew that thanks to everything that we had seen in some other update segments since the product first aired in the tank.

Overall, we’d call this a solid episode 2; moderately entertaining, and at least a little more in line with what we are hoping to get every time. Grade: B.

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