TV Underdogs: Can ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 6 still be the year of Ezra Fitz?

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Pretty Little Liars” is always going to be a show fundamentally about Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna. Maybe at times Alison and Mona are thrown in there, but the reality here still is that the main focus is on these young ladies and navigating their lives. The men of the show do have their own development, but it is rare that you see many scenes that do not feature any of their female co-stars.

As we jump forward five years into the future, though, are things going to change? While we don’t know in terms of screen time, we are hoping to see potentially more of Ezra Fitz than ever. Early indications suggest that he has been through a lot since we last saw him, and he is therefore the right focus for our TV Underdogs series.

Why he’s an underdog – He’s always been up to something (whether it is the book, his romance with student Aria, or that whole “A” suspicion), but moving into the second part of season 6 Ian Harding’s character could be a little bit more of a broken person. After heading to South America with someone he cared about in Nicole, something terrible happens that leaves him lost and without much of a direction or hope for the future. This is a guy in need of a comeback; therefore, he is the perfect underdog for our series.

Why we don’t see more of him – As we mentioned, it’s hard for Ezra to have a consistent presence and significant story every week when he is not one of the four main characters. He is someone who may be thought of as a love-interest character, though we’ve also seen other sides to him as a mentor, a suspect, and also a caretaker. During some of the earlier seasons one of the reasons we didn’t always see so much of him was because he was pretty stable, at least compared to other characters.

Ways to give him more airtime – We have always been a fan of the idea of an episode or two that are almost “Pretty Little Liars” flipped. Focus on some of the supporting characters like an Ezra, a Caleb, a Toby, and a Paige, if she’s going to still be around. We’ve seen bits and pieces of this, but doing an entire flip on the established premise would be fun and could show us how these people handle having so much drama in Rosewood. Also, give us a sense of their day-to-day lives! This stuff always makes us curious.

Another idea for Ezra is to simply involve him in the mystery more! You now know he was not a part of Charlotte’s plan at all so many years ago, and he’s an incredibly smart guy and someone who come across as unassuming. With his personality, Caleb’s hacking skills, and Toby’s connections, they could be quite the team.

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