‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: Show has decided whether to write in Megan Boone pregnancy

The Blacklist logo any seasonReally, the title for this particular story on “The Blacklist” speaks for itself. There were questions for many months surrounding whether or not we were going to see Megan Boone’s pregnancy written into the show, and we are very much pleased that the producers have made up their mind!

As for whether or not that means that we are in the know … well, that’s a little more complicated and you may have to wait for a while. Speaking to TVLine as a preview for the two-part saga “The Director” starting Thursday night, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had the following to say:

“It’s difficult because Megan works incredibly hard … She’s in almost every scene of the show, and the decision to include it or not was something we took quite seriously. I’m not going to tell you what we decided, but we have figured out what to do.”

If we had to issue a guess, we’d say that it probably made more sense for the show to write the pregnancy in, since otherwise it would take a variety of different camera angles or even some careful editing (“Homeland” used much of the latter when Claire Danes was expecting) to ensure that nothing appeared different. It is just so much easier for both the show and also probably Megan to find an interesting way to write it into the show. As for how to do that, that’s a question we’ll leave out there in the ether for a little while. We figure that at some point over the coming weeks, we’ll get that answer; the show probably does not want to wait too long before making up their mind, mostly because they otherwise run the risk of it being a tiny story at the end of the season (if they choose to write it in) that doesn’t do the life event justice.

(Photo: NBC.)

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