Clay Aiken appears on ‘American Idol’ premiere, then is BRUTAL about it on social media

American Idol -If nothing else, you certainly have to say that Clay Aiken is honest, right? The season 2 runner-up was one of the many alumni who made appearances on the final season of “American Idol” Wednesday, but while the show was airing he chose to dish out some brutally-honest comments about what he was seeing.

You can see two of Aiken’s comments about the show below, where he first makes fun of the show’s declining ratings by talking about how boring the show has become, and from there he goes on to claim that the judges are a big part of the problem now, and were a huge part of the solution in the early days.

We have to say, though, that we only partially agree with some of what Aiken had to say on the subject. Do we think that Simon contributed in a huge way to the success of the show? Sure, since there was not anyone else out there at the time that was as brutally honest as he was in many of his critiques. However, at the same time we give just as much credit to the Kelly Clarksons and Carrie Underwoods of the world, who came out and gave people hope that someone could come out of nowhere and be a star.

We actually don’t think that Simon would be that great on the show anymore, mostly because it only worked for a few years because his brutal honest was unexpected. We’ve seen him many times since on “The X Factor,” and now some of his shtick is starting to feel old.

Still, kudos to Clay for being his own man, even if we’re not sure we would go after the show that made us a star so brutally.

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