‘Shark Tank’ review: Fire Avert, Extreme Sandbox, Total Tie Keep, ABC Protein Pancakes

Sharks -Tuesday night is a special night for “Shark Tank,” and it’s not entirely clear why we are getting this. Yet, at the same exact time we’re grateful. There is some fun stuff in this episode! There are some cool innovations in here, and also a place that you can go to have a great time with heavy machinery.

As always, we’ve provided for you links to all of the individual products below in case you want to check them out for yourself.

ABS Protein Pancakes – It didn’t take too long for the big problem with this food mix to become clear: Price. Who wants to spend more than $40 for a pound of pancake mix? We know that there are probably some expensive fitness people who’d pay it, but that severely limits their audience. Then again, it’s also expensive to make, and the price concerns caused many Sharks to go out. Daymond John did, per Mark, take a page from his playbook, and swooped in to give these two a deal for 42% of the company, a full seven percent less than what Robert Herjavec was offering. Given his distribution channels, they may be able to get the cost down.

Extreme Sandbox – Is this a sandbox worth diving into? We’re not a construction guy so we don’t have that thirst to go out there and play around in the dirt. Yet, at the same time it’s pretty clear that this is something that Kevin O’Leary was really into … especially the part that involved crushing a car. He and Mark Cuban are actually teaming up for this one! Also, only 20% of the company was given up as a result of it. This was a great deal that will probably benefit the company greatly.

Total Tie Keep – The funny thing here is that we do actually like the product, and think that in the right hands, it could be a big hit. Unfortunately, the issue here is that the man behind it is a full-time federal agent who doesn’t have the time to run a business. What he really needs to to hire someone who can take over the day-to-day, and he did not enter the Tank making this proclamation. Had he had a better plan, then maybe this would have worked out better for him. As of now, no deal.

Fire Avert – Is this safety innovation worthy of an investment? It’s a good thing that this company managed to get the deal with Lori Greiner in the end, because ironically it almost became a dumpster fire at one point thanks to the founder’s friend and investor (who owns 60%) not wanting to give up any equity. We’re surprised in the end that all of this did work out in the way that it did, but it was a great presentation! The only issue we see is the price point.

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