‘Shark Tank’ video: Can the Total Tie Keep score a big deal?

Shark Tank -Sometimes, the simplest innovations on “Shark Tank” are the ones that can make the most money. Just look at Scrub Daddy, a company that will be heavily featured on “Beyond the Tank” tonight. They are one of the most successful products in the history of the show, and they started out with just a sponge!

So can the Total Tie Keep be a huge success story as well? It may be early to say for sure, but our first impression of the idea is that it’s very smart. It’s a simple, affordable way to ensure that when you are outside sporting a tie, you don’t have to worry about it fluttering around or looking like you don’t quite know what you’re doing. It basically attaches the tie to your shirt, allowing you to look good no matter where you are.

Can the company get a Shark to bite? It probably depends on the valuation, but if we were someone like Lori Greiner or Daymond John, we’d consider biting on this in a split second. It is something that can be sold easily, and in Lori’s case on QVC with a simple demonstration. Maybe it’s not something that will make a lot of money per unit, but there are millions of people out there who wear ties regularly, and there are multiple models depending on what shirt you are wearing. The idea here is ultimately to mix and match, creating a perfect ensemble.

While the company website is somewhat a work in progress, that may be the sole negative thing that we have to say about the company at the moment. They seem to be doing almost everything else right when it comes to at least having an idea that solves a problem and is affordable to the consumer.

We’ll be back to render our final verdict on Total Tie Keep later tonight. You’ll be able to read that review over hereAlso, you can sign up over at this link to get some other TV news on everything we cover, sent right over to you via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: ABC.)

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