‘Galavant’ season 2, episode 1 review: A different kind of enchanted forset

“Galavant” is back, and the great news here is that it is every bit as funny as we remember it.

Granted, it would be a lie to say that the series is without challenges as it begins to move its way deeper into season 2, starting with the fact that so many people on the show are at the moment completely dispersed. We’ve got Galavant and Richard on the road to reclaim the latter’s kingdom, Madalena ruling it with Gareth at her side (almost as a pawn), and then Isabella trapped so that she can eventually marry her cousin. There’s not too much connective tissue at the moment, but all three stories were funny in their own right.

To us, we’re not sure that there was a single MVP of the premiere, given that every story found a way to bring in some humor. A ridiculous chicken vs. the egg argument marred one of the Madalena’s first chances to look after her subjects, while Isabella got a sense of how immature her suitor truly was. Meanwhile, Richard and Galavant found themselves eventually in the Enchanted Forest, which actually turned out to be a medieval gay bar run by Kylie Minogue, one that Richard’s long-lost uncle Keith stayed at simply because he loved it there. Richard’s lack of understanding that this was a gay bar was probably the funniest part of this, and we’re glad that it was there given that we’re not sure many of the other jokes broke much in the way on new ground. (There was a nice play on the Bear in this particular situation.)

Also, we especially enjoyed Gareth figuring out a way to be formally recognized as King, even though it took no power away from Madalena whatsoever. He is the biggest pawn that there possibly could be wearing a crown, but the fact that he seems fine with that is rather delightful.

We’d say that the “A New Season” song starting off the episode was significantly better than “Off with His Shirt” later, which went on for about a minute too long. Also, we would’ve been fine with more of the original theme, even if we understand the show wanting to move on.

Also, one random note: We just realized that Luke Youngblood (who plays Sid) is also Magnitude from “Community.” If he ever busts out a “pop pop!” on this show it will be the greatest thing in human history. Episode Grade: B.

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