‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Meet Olivia Caridi, news anchor and Ben Higgins suitor

Olivia -We’re starting to get near the end of our “Bachelor” spotlight series, which does make some sense given that we are now one week away from the show premiering on ABC! For those wondering about the status of our CarterMatt Podcast, we’ve already sat down with Jessa and put the preview show in the books; expect to see that released at some point early Tuesday, that way you can get nearly a week to listen to it and enjoy before the start of the season.

Now, let’s get into talking about Olivia Caridi, someone we are actually surprised is even on this season in the first place competing for Ben Higgins’ heart. We’ll get more into why below.

Age – 23. She comes across as older, mostly because she’s accomplished quite a bit since getting out of school.

Occupation – News anchor. Specifically, she has worked for Virginia station WCYB, which you can see more of in the video reel below.

Location – Austin, Texas is listed as her hometown, but as we’ve mentioned, she’s worked professionally in Virginia. We imagine location is something important to her and could be a hurdle in a relationship, since it is not that easy for an anchor to relocate and familiarize with a new city.

Things to know – She’s a pretty hard worker, and in a shocking move, she claimed on her bio that “nothing” embarrasses her. She’s also got a little bit more tabloid attention than many other contestants leading into this season. We’re not going to get into it here, mostly because it’s all unsubstantiated until we actually see the show.

Strengths – She’s intelligent and driven; she has to be to make it onto the show. She’ll probably have an easy time impressing Ben almost right away since she’s used to being on television. We actually think that this experience is a big advantage until the other women get used to having a camera in their face.

Problem areas – We already mentioned her job being a detriment in terms of her maybe not being able to get up and move; also, anytime you have someone whose living is already on TV you have to question why they’re on the show. Is it for fame? With Olivia, we don’t think this is the right show for that if it is her intention. This show often embarrasses more than highlights your career accomplishments. Given that she’s already got a pretty good job at a young age, we don’t get why she needs to do this show unless she’s absolutely in love with Ben.

Prediction – She’ll be an early favorite, and she could actually be a contender at the end. It’s going to depend on if there is genuine love there to go along with a presence that will probably be far and away ahead of much of the competition.

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