‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Windcatcher, Rent Like a Champion, STEM Center, Hotshot Coffee

Shark Tank -There is not much in the way of new programming at all on Sunday night, but if you are a fan of “Shark Tank,” there is some good news coming your way: You at least have a chance to watch back an episode from earlier this fall on Sunday night. This is the one featuring guest shark Chris Sacca, and there are several businesses in here with potential in one way or another. We only think that there is one of them that will really struggle to meet any milestone in America; the rest can continue to capitalize on their momentum from the show if at all possible.

As with all other “Shark Tank” revisited articles, think of the paragraphs below as written versions of some of the Update segments that air on the show.

Rent Like a Champion – Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban teamed up to give this business a chance, thinking that they could either blow it up quickly or eventually sell it down the line. We will say this about the company: They’ve made strides in getting more rentals close to college campuses, which was their goal all along. We remember looking at many major schools on the website before their initial airing and not being able to find many, but this may in part also be because they were already rented out. There’s not as many people looking to do tailgate parties and are in need of a rental this time of year.

HotShot Coffee – There wasn’t a deal here the first time, and we still understand precisely why that is: Shelf space. Hats off to the company for making it easier to find the drink and buy it online since the first episode aired, but we’re still not sure that the demand is really there to pre-order cans of heated coffee that will be at your home in 90 days or a refund will be issued (which is listed on their site). That just feels like too much to go through when you can just hit up Starbucks. Maybe something will change if they can make more of a retail footprint.

Windcatcher – Since the show first aired the company has created another product that snaps and folds into a seat, allowing yet another practical use for their air mattress alternative using the latest technology. They’re clearly moving things along, but we do still think that the best is yet to come here for the brand. There are so many inflation-based products out there that could benefit from this technology versus the frustrating process of having to blow into something through a nozzle.

STEM Center – We’re seeing an effort from the group to come up with more ways to fund what is really an attempt at more revenue and outward expansion. The goal here is an incredibly lofty one: Figuring out how to get young people excited about science, technology, engineering, and math. With the other businesses listed here, it is easier to indicators of progress since their goals are a little bit easier to pin down. This company is rather complex; maybe if we see this episode a year down the road, we can have a more complete report.

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