‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 debate: Should Dany finally arrive at King’s Landing?

DanyWhen “Game of Thrones” season 5 ended, Daenerys’ story ended with her being carried by Drogon right into the thick of another Dothraki horde, there were immediately many questions that came about as a result. One of the most substantial ones was whether or not we were seeing the beginning of her endgame, or instead a reversion back to the first season with Drogo.

The reality here is that we’re more than halfway through this series; even if there are eight seasons rather than seven (which was seemingly the original plan), we still only have three years to go. Sooner or later, don’t you want to bring some of these people together? The luxury about the show moving ahead of the books in some regards is that we can now ask some of these questions without anyone for certain knowing the answers.

So should Dany actually arrive in King’s Landing by the end of the season? Let’s weigh through the pros and cons.

The pros – To be honest, we haven’t loved a Dany storyline since the first season. While season 3 had its moments and it was nice to see her and Tyrion Lannister meet, there has been a lot of time spent meandering through Meereen. There needs to be a moment that has us excited about this storyline again other than terrible things happenin gin a city that we really don’t care about. She’s been isolated for so long that it makes some sense to give her a meatier story now, one where she can interact with other main characters and show some of what she has learned over the course of the show.

The cons – Yet, you do have to consider where she is now … which is pretty darn far away from this moment ever happening. Dany has her work cut out for her in the event that she wants to get back to Tyrion and Meereen, let along getting over to King’s Landing. We’re starting to think that maybe HBO only wants one season with her present alongside Cersei or some of the other prominent characters in the city; with that, it’d make for an interesting cliffhanger to have her finally complete the journey at the end of season 6 or even season 7. Also, we cannot dispute that there are so many other stories that need attending to, and it’s not like they are going to suddenly want to accelerate this one.

Where do you stand when it comes to the Dany debate? As always, share in the comments.

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