‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 9 review: Is Liz Keen finally free?

Blacklist -With Liz Keen finally being captured by Ressler in the winter finale of “The Blacklist” we have to wonder what Ressler’s next move will be? Is he going to throw her in jail or is this all part of the plan to help clear her name? There’s been a great debate going on over here at CarterMatt on who is going to end up being the person to save Liz (Reddington, Tom, herself?), but wouldn’t it be interesting if the person chasing her down all season was really the one to help her?

Unfortunately for Tom fans, that’s really not the way it went down; instead, Liz’s biggest assist may have come from Ressler of all people, who seems to be finally in the camp of believing her and fully committed to helping to take down the Cabal once and for all. He is escorted her to court now after taking out Mr. Solomon. Of course, it was not smooth sailing for him to get to this point, given that he also made some stumbles with Laurel along the way.

Also, there’s the fact that Liz as just a couple of moves away from dying in all of this, only now to be given a second chance of things. She’s now get an opportunity to exonerate herself and take some of the power into her own hands, presuming of course that nothing else gets in the way.

Meanwhile, Red of course is a man dealing with many motives at the moment: He wants to protect Liz, and he wants to defeat the Director and the Cabal once and for all. We’re not sure that we know all of his plan just yet, but you know it’s going to be complicated and cause some problems.

Creatively, we’re not at the big payoff of this entire first-half-of-the-season arc just yet … but we feel pretty good about the fact that we are working to get there. Episode grade: B+.

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