‘Strictly Come Dancing’ final: Helen George weighs in on latest ‘fix’ rumors

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Based on everything that we have seen and heard as of late in the British press, there is nothing that they love more about whether or not a reality show is fixed from the start. When it comes to the latest season of “Strictly Come Dancing,” we don’t really think that it was. Was Jay McGuiness the best dancer? Probably not, but he had many fans entering the show and they stayed loyal to him throughout. This is a phenomenon that has been very familiar to U.S. voters on “Dancing with the Stars” for some time. It’s just a part of the interactive nature of the show.

Yet, there have been claims of vote-fixing, reshoots (a second take was reportedly used for one contestant’s standing ovation), and much more with the original British show this season, and even recent contestant Helen George (of “Call the Midwife” fame) chimed in with her thoughts. Take a look at what she had to say to The Sun, which has in turn sparked all sorts of commentary from the press:

“It is a dance show and a television show so there has to be drama and it has to be somewhat controlled for it to fit the format … I don’t know what happened and I wasn’t privy to it.”

We don’t really think that there is anything altogether shocking about what Helen says there. Everyone who signs up for “Strictly,” “I’m a Celebrity,” or any other celebrity-based reality show knows that it is television first. sure, people do learn ballroom dance along the way, but that’s just a part of the equation.

The one last thing we’ll say about this is that if voters are giving someone additional votes because they got a standing ovation, we feel like there are probably bigger problems going on than “fix” allegations.

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