‘Supergirl’ villains: Should Lucy Lane become Superwoman?

There are many people over the course of DC lore who have gone by the name Superwoman, but for the sake of this article, we’re talking specifically about the Lucy Lane iteration. This is a character who is already present on CBS’ “Supergirl” series, but has to this point refrained from adopting any sort of persona. As a matter of fact, it feels like this is something that is years down the road.

So is a Superwoman transition something that the show should look at in the future? Let’s take a closer look.

What she brings to the table – The Superwoman story with Lucy in the comics is a pretty powerful one, and one that already has ties to much of what has been established on the show (albeit with slight differences). General Sam Lane is already a character, we’ve already seen Reactron, and the show has not shied away from Krypton in the slightest or Lucy’s role in the military. If she were to ever make a dark turn we’d have here a dangerous, capable villain with powers that raises the emotional stakes for Kara in a way that we’ve only seen on the show so far with Astra. Here is someone who James Olsen legitimately cares about, but someone who may also need to be stopped if she goes on a crime rampage. She’s a conflicted villain, mostly because there are examples of her doing good before having powers granted to her. We won’t get too much into that here, mostly so that there are some spoilers left out of this article.

How to use her – On “Arrow” season 1, the show took great care in advancing the story of Slade Wilson to the point that he eventually became Deathstroke and started a reign of terror in season 2. There’s no reason to think that “Supergirl” may not be doing something similar here for Lucy Lane. This could be the introduction for her turning into more of a Big Bad in season 2, at least if Jenna Dewan-Tatum wants to stick around. It’d make for a compelling story that also bears similarity to what “The Flash” could be doing with Killer Frost.

Likelihood of appearance – Moderate. There hasn’t been much of an indication on the show that they’re going in this direction, and with “Arrow” and “The Flash” they were very heavy-handed about some of those characters’ destinies. However, at the same time some of the pieces are in place. We can really describe what they are doing best as “keeping their options open.”

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