‘Longmire’ season 5 debate: Laying out suspects following big cliffhanger

Longmire -While Christmastime may seem like a somewhat-odd occasion to dip back into the well of a crazy “Longmire” cliffhanger, the reality is that we’ve re-watched the ending of season 4 a few times over the past several days. For the record, this may be our favorite ending to a season of the entire year; it’s mysterious, maddening, perfectly-scored, and it basically makes you want to scream at your TV.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about who could be approaching Walt’s home right as he and Dr. Monahan are getting intimate, and the show obviously pointed out a number of possible suspects for us, as well. For the sake of this article, let’s spend a minute or two pondering over just who could have such a vendetta that they would be willing to break down his door.

Walker Browning – Obviously the lead suspect. He was gone from his hospital bed, Walt blew up his operation, and all he may have left is revenge. The only issue we have here is that Walker would’ve had to act quickly, and it takes a lot of time to know where Walt lives and if he’s home. We’re not sure he had that time. Also, who freed him?

Jacob Nighthorse – Jacob and Walt are at times Batman and the Joker, but as much as Jacob may not like the Sheriff, it doesn’t benefit him to kill right after giving Cady such a heavy retainer.

Monte – If he did all of this digging to bring about a wrongful death lawsuit, it doesn’t seem logical that he would go and kill Walt himself right after that.

Zachary – Could he completely lose his mind under the influence, and become incensed over having a great opportunity stripped from him? We were shown Ferg looking for him for a reason, but this sort of turnaround seems unlikely.

Sam Poteet – He’s capable of some shady stuff, and if he doesn’t know the full story of Gabriella Langton, maybe he comes after him. Still, we didn’t even see him through most of the season 4 finale.

Dr. Monahan – We still find it odd that she tried to shoo Walt off of the burning van, which was strategically shown leading up to the pivotal scene. Also, if she is working with one of the people we’ve mentioned / another criminal she would be able to signal when Walt was at home and distracted for them to attack.

Whoever burned the van – It’s possible that Donna Sue is actually the target instead of Walt, and this was all set up as a red herring. It’s also possible that one of these people above is connected to her, and is going after both of them in some way.

Someone else – Walt’s created many enemies. It’s certainly possible that this is someone from his past we haven’t even seen yet.

Given that the writers room already opened for season 5, we imagine that the team is already working on coming up with answers!

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