‘The Flash’ villains: Why Mirror Master would be perfect addition in season 2

FlashWe’re back with the latest edition of our Villains feature here at CarterMatt this week, and we’re talking a character who has been rumored to be a part of “The Flash” for some time: Mirror Master. He is a little bit of a tricky foe to pin down, but is someone who possesses extremely unique powers, and could be a diabolical opponent the likes of which the show has never seen before.

In this article, we’re going to through why you should have hunger to see this villain turn up; if you missed it, take a look at the “Arrow” piece we did yesterday regarding Cheshire!

What he brings to the table – First and foremost, there is more than one “he.” There are multiple men who have adopted this persona over the years, with Evan McCulloch and Sam Scudder being two of the men who have wore the title over the years. There’s a variety of different backstories as a result of that, but Scudder is the one that we lean to as a favorite. He is a member of the Rogues in the comics at times, which means there’s a natural connection to Captain Cold. Also, his powers are very different than many other Flash foes, with his ability to manipulate mirrors and create illusions. Certain versions can create portals between dimensions, which could be very useful depending on what the show wants to do with the Zoom story.

Ultimately, this is a character with a rich history of battling The Flash, and he brings more of a cerebral power versus just speed. It’s with this that we wonder if he is being saved for a more prominent role down the line.

How to use him – You can introduce him as a criminal, the same way that Scudder was introduced in the comics to many. His fascination with mirrors leads to him adopting the persona, and he can eventually team up with the Rogues if they’re not too busy on “Legends of Tomorrow.” He falls in love at one point with Lisa in the comics, so it’s certainly possible for you to be able to bring back Peyton List if you so choose.

Likelihood of appearance – Very high. Maybe it won’t be this season, but this is a character who has been talked about for some time as someone the producers want to bring onto the show. He’s a little tricky since his powers aren’t super-easy to portray, but if you can do Grodd, anything is possible.

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