‘The Blacklist’ season 3 debate: Who should be the one to free Liz Keen?

The Blacklist logo any seasonAs we await the third season of “The Blacklist” returning to NBC on January 7, now is as good of a time as any to start to spin the wheels of speculation. With that, let’s turn to a question that we are eagerly awaiting some sort of answer to: How is Liz Keen going to be rescued out of her holding cell, or more specifically, who is going to be doing the saving?

Ultimately, we feel like it is a relative waste of time to sit here speculating on whether or not the moment will happen, given that it feels almost like a complete certainty that it will. There is almost zero reason for Liz to stick around in that cell forever, and it’d make the show rather boring. With the Director getting ever closer to her, it’s time for someone to make a move … and we have an idea as to who that someone could be.

Reddington – Obviously the favorite of many fans out there would be for Red to finally figure out a way to help her be safe both from the FBI and also the Director, but he’s going to need to be resourceful in order to figure this out. If there is one thing that he’s got going for him, it is a preexisting and intimate knowledge of how the holding cell game works.

Tom Keen – It would be yet another moment of redemption for Tom to set Liz free, given that he probably still is trying to earn back good will for the series of terrible things that he’s already done. Tom may even be the likely person responsible given where we are in the story, and Red cannot have all the fun, can he?

Ressler – Who knows? Crazier things have happened than Ressler starting to come around and realizing that holding Liz may not be the best course of action.

Cooper – Pretty unlikely. While we’ll take any moment of him kicking butt and taking names that he can, we see it as a little more likely that he tries to assist Tom, even if he doesn’t trust him completely.

Liz rescues herself – In the end, isn’t there something great about the idea of her figuring out a way to rescue herself? We’d personally love the first few episodes of 2016 being ones where she has the jump on everyone, and they must follow her lead for a change.

(Photo: NBC.)

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