‘Arrow’ villains: Why Cheshire could be the perfect addition in season 4

Arrow -Welcome to the start of a new CarterMatt feature! We’ve got a little bit of a lighter week ahead here on the site, and during some of this time we’re going to look at a subject that is always at the top of our curiosity list: Villains. Specifically, comic-book villains. A whole lot of them are being used up at the moment on various shows, but you do have to wonder if there are still some good ones out there that are not being utilized and really should be.

We’re going to start this list off today with “Arrow,” which interestingly enough is one of the superhero shows out there with a little more of a limited arsenal of foes to choose from. Many of the good ones have already been used, which is why we see them using many characters like Ra’s al Ghul and Anarky, who are known more for being Batman opponents.

Sure, in many ways even the subject of this article in Cheshire does not have too many direct connections to the Green Arrow or Oliver Queen. However, her origins in the Teen Titans and relationship with Roy Harper (which turned romantic) make her an interesting proposition for the CW series to consider.

What she brings to the table – First and foremost, a dangerous female villain for a show lacking in that department. Cupid is arguably one of their last great dangerous women other than Amanda Waller, who really wasn’t a villain and is probably not going to be turning up anytime soon thanks to the movies. Cheshire (otherwise known as Jade Nguyen) is extremely skilled as an assassin, has acrobatic skills, and often uses her fingernails to poison her opponents. she’s quick, deadly, but still has enough of another side to her to allure in heroic characters. Not only does she have that aforementioned relationship with Roy, but she has ties in the comics both to the League of Assassins and also Deathstroke, making her an almost-perfect fit for this universe.

How to use her – Maybe have Jade be an upstart assassin in Malcolm Merlyn’s league who starts to get power, and eventually becomes a threat to his own leadership? It would give him a reason to reach out to Oliver, give them a common enemy, and if they could create her a double-life of sorts with Roy Harper on the show, it would give them a reason to bring them back. Also, couldn’t she try to free Slade Wilson? He is still alive, after all…

Likelihood of appearance – Moderately high. Maybe it doesn’t happen in the way in which we are specifying here, but there are so many different characters you could pair her off against (Thea, Laurel, or even Nyssa could use a new opponent) that it seems like a no-brainer to get her on eventually.

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