‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 9, episode 11 review: Sheldon, Amy, and ‘Star Wars’

Big Bang -The Big Bang Theory” had many missions on Thursday night, and strangely, the biggest one had little to do with “Star Wars.” Instead, it was more about Sheldon and Amy hitting a huge milestone in their relationship and their lives.

We understand the complains from some people out there who say that Sheldon wanting to be intimate with someone else was completely out of character for him. However, at the same time they did a great job of setting this up and showing how someone like Sheldon would want to handle this. You can be a genius and someone with enormous career goals and still want love, and the way in which he approached it was almost clinical. He felt that he was in a place where he was open to the idea, and once he felt that way, it was settled. He didn’t worry about whether or not it would change things with Amy.

Instead, Amy was the emotional one, knowing that she had built up this idea in her head as something rather spectacular, and was afraid that something was going to happen to destroy it. In the end, it all did work out, and Sheldon’s line at the end about doing it again on her next birthday was a funny little button at the end. The same goes for bringing on Bob Newhart as Professor Proton, even if we don’t quite understand how a projection of Sheldon’s mind would be so dismissive of his problems.

As for the story surrounding Leonard, Raj, Howard, and “Star Wars,” it contained a few laughs, especially once Sheldon’s ticket was given to Wil Wheaton and he used it to primarily troll “Star Wars” fans by showing up in costume. Drawing the parallels to the guys experiencing the movie to Sheldon experiencing his first time worked surprisingly well.

While there could have been a few funnier moments here and there throughout this episode, we’ll give the writers some credit here for the season’s best and most important episode so far. It’s also not far behind Leonard Nimoy’s DNA as our favorite winter finale. Grade: A-.

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