‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ finale review: Was Jeremy Collins, Spencer Bledsoe, or Tasha Fox the winner?

Survivor -We’re going to be updating our review of the “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” finale throughout the night, but we have to start now by discussing the craziest tribal council in possibly the history of the show.

Here is where things got interesting, even to the point where Jeff Probst opted to do a little moonlighting as a fake sports analyst with the marker during one of the live portions. Jeremy and Kelley both played immunity idols after realizing that we were looking at a three – three tie. All of the votes were directed towards them. Spencer won immunity. After the re-vote of Kimmi and Tasha, we were left with a situation where if they had to draw rocks, Keith would’ve been the only person eligible to go home … and he almost fell on his own sword! In the end, Kimmi was sent home after it became clear she turned on Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha, but what a way to go. We don’t want to have too quick a judgment, but this may be the best tribal in the history of the game.

Final five – Congrats to Wentworth on winning immunity! Not only that, but she made Keith a fake idol that looked legitimately good. Here is what we think he went wrong: Not wanting to play it. He could have gotten further in the game, but apparently he chose not to on the basis of “integrity.” Yes, it’s easy to kill him for that, but at the same time he wasn’t going to win the game if he stayed. As for Jeremy not voting out Spencer (smart move by him to deflect the target onto him), we also think that’s right. He clearly thinks that he can beat him for one, and to go along with that he didn’t want to put his game in Tasha’s hands if he doesn’t win immunity.

Final Four – Jeremy won immunity, and this put us in a really interesting position going into the final three. Kelley fought hard to stay in the game, but Spencer may have fought even harder by threatening basically everything but the kitchen sink. If he was voted out, he claimed that he would push the entire jury to vote for Kelley to win because she “deserved it.” If we were Jeremy, we probably would have in that instance gotten rid of Spencer anyway. He can’t control other people, and it would also show that he doesn’t let threats get to him. Still, this was a tough decision for him because we could’ve seen either Kelley or Spencer getting the votes to win. Tasha at this point is strangely an afterthought.

Final Three – Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha. Here we are. Great final three, but predictably this is between just Jeremy and Spencer. We think that both really did a good job, but we have to say that Jeremy probably won it for us even before he gave the speech about his wife being pregnant that didn’t feel like a sympathy ploy at all. The biggest mistake we think Spencer made was not firing back at Kimmi when she called him a bully; meanwhile, Jeremy could have apologized to Kimmi for his behavior while still owning his move against her.

In the end, Jeremy is the winner! We did see his victory coming after his speech about family, but having it be a unanimous one was a total shock. We thought Spencer would at least get a vote or two. Now, we’re off to work on a reunion article, but GREAT FINALE so far. Grade: A.

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