‘Finding Carter’ season 2 finale review: The aftermath of a shocking death

We did not expect the end of “Finding Carter” season 2 to have such a heavy body count, but yet, here we are. If this proves to be the last episode of the show, they have left it on a pretty brutal cliffhanger.

In the aftermath of Jared knocking out Carter at the end of this past episode, Jared himself was killed off at the start of the finale. The next half and hour or so was spent trying to determine who was the person behind the killing, and it turned out to be none other than Max who was the guilty party. As it turns out, Lori tried to cover for him at first, and it took convincing for him to turn himself in instead. In the end, he did the right thing. It’s like Carter said: If he had not done this, it would have haunted him the rest of his life.

Given Max’s fear of turning out just like his father, this was the most emotionally powerful end to the season possible. It also changes Carter’s friendship with Max, Taylor’s relationship with him, and also potentially everyone’s view of Lori given that she was willing to go to prison in order for him to live free.

While we’ve got a few clear cliffhangers, with Ben Wallace’s physical state being among them after that beatdown (we think he’ll be fine), what will be interesting is seeing where the source of tension comes from now. Given that Carter is getting older and Lori has tried now to help, can’t they all just get along and start some sort of big, tolerable family? It feels that you don’t need to find drama where there is none.

Regardless, kudos for at least crafting an interesting finale for “Finding Carter.” We’ll have to see what comes next. Grade: B+.

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